About Us

The Canberra Learning & Development Centre Philosophy.

At Canberra Learning and Development Centre we believe that all kids can learn when they are taught in the way they need to learn. More critically, that intervention should be matched to a student’s diagnosis or learning profile. We believe it is crucial for the development and maintenance of self-esteem that young learners be actively, consistently and positively encouraged. We do this through written affirmations, frequent varied communication and by effective and genuine praise and encouragement.

At Canberra Learning and Development Centre we believe learning should be fun. So we take opportunities to share laughter, about our learning and our circumstances. This helps to generate a relaxed, warm and light atmosphere that encourages interaction and learning.

We believe that this positive interaction in the learning environment allows good relationships to form, which encourages trust and increased self-esteem.

At Canberra Learning and Development Centre we believe the best learning takes place in a collaborative and co-operative environment. Our one-to-one sessions build relationships with our students. Our small, relaxed groups enable us to employ co-operative learning techniques, which enable learners to learn from everyone else, not just the tutor. Co-operative learning encourages students to articulate and demonstrate their understandings with their peers, which contributes to confidence and certainty.