Mark Lindsay Rutter

Mark Lindsay Rutter

Mark holds a Diploma of Teaching, a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Education.
In 2015 he completed the Professional Certificate in Instructional Leadership through Melbourne University.

Mark has been passionate about education for 40 years. He has taught and been a leader in schools, both in Sydney and on the South Coast.

Mark has been tutoring at In2ition Learning Centre where he is co-director with Marcelle for 22 years, tutoring students in Mathematics and English from grades 1-12.

Mark will be tutoring in maths from grades 1-12 in Canberra.

Mark’s avid interest in education is only rivalled by his love of surfing.

He continues to live on the South Coast with Marcelle and puppy dog, Leo.

Through high quality teaching, caring relationships and unfailing encouragement, he elicits the best from his students.

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