Full Reading and Dyslexia assessment – 7 years old to Adult – $1200.00

A full range of language based assessments are used to determine what the reason is for the student’s struggles. This includes Dyslexia, Mixed Type reading or a Compensator pattern of difficulty. This is a comprehensive assessment which will pin point deficits across the domains of reading, spelling, writing and mathematics.

A report is provided outlining any accommodations required, recommendations for strategies for each area of difficulty for the classroom teacher and parents. These recommendations are designed to remove some of the barriers to improve learning and to support intervention.

Extra information outlining other ideas for the classroom teacher and basic fact sheets on any disorders found is provided to the family.


All Screeners – 6:5 years old to Adult – $600.00

The screening process involves short assessments of all the areas you’d expect a dyslexic student or adult to display both in areas of weakness and strength. The norm referenced tests are supplemented with additional screeners to form a more complete picture of the student or adult.

The screening option is a good one if the family or person is unsure if dyslexia is a possibility.

The Screener comes with a report outlining the findings with a list of strategies for each area of difficulty for the classroom teacher, parent or adult.

If there are indicators of dyslexia and the family or person wishes to move forward to completing the full assessment, the cost of the screener minus $150.00 is deducted from the cost of a full assessment.


Dysgraphia Assessment – $600.00

The dysgraphia assessment looks at handwriting, spelling and writing over a number of formats. Areas of phonological processing are also tested as dysgraphic students often display weaknesses across the 3 core areas of phonological processing. Many students display delayed reading when younger so a dyslexia screener is added to ensure that mild dyslexia is not present.


Update for Senior High School and Adults – $250.00

This update is to provide senior high school students and adults who already have a diagnosis with an update to re-establish their original diagnosis for either the BSSS, University or employment. This includes updated modifications and recommendations suited to their age and need.


Early Reading Assessment (for ages 5-7) – $220.00

This assessment is for younger students and focusses on assessing the underpinning language processes that young children need for reading. Their letter to sound correspondence and word decoding and encoding is also assessed to form a clearer picture of where the child it up to and the level and type of intervention they may require.

The test is relatively short and we endeavour to get you in within 2 weeks of making an appointment. This is to acknowledge that when younger, the earlier the intervention can commence the better.


Initial Assessment – Primary Reading and High School English Students – $150.00

This assessment is typically carried out to determine a student’s phoneme knowledge, letter to sound correspondence, word decoding and encoding skills, word reading fluency and comprehension skills. This assessment is used to develop a tutoring program for the student. The report can be used to help develop an ILP.


Initial Assessment – $220.00

An initial consultation is used to determine a student’s current levels for reading and spelling. This includes a phoneme to grapheme checklist and a word level decoding and encoding assessment, a phonological, working memory and auditory discrimination screener. This is used for the development of an individual program and to instruct the tutor  (where appropriate) ready for the student to start.

Results are emailed to the parent and the classroom teacher, outlining what will be covered in sessions.


Dyslexia Assessment – $440.00

This assessment can be used if a WISC or Woodcock Johnson has already been carried out and a dyslexia or dyscalculic assessment is now required.


Junior Reading Assessment –  For ages 5 – 7 – $440.00

This assessment is used for children under seven who are too young to go through a formal diagnosis. It uses language based assessments to determine if there are significant markers to suggest dyslexia or another condition which will affect, or is already causing, impairment in a student’s ability to learn to read successfully.

A report is provided for parents and teachers outlining any deficits and how that will affect their learning. A list of recommendations and strategies are listed for parents and teachers to support the child to pick up the required skills.


Dyscalculic Assessment – $600.00

The dyscalculic assessment covers a number of areas that assess mathematical achievement tests both timed and untimed, mathematical behaviour particular to dyscalculics, cognitive learning style for mathematics, anxiety and working memory. This assessment comes with a report that details the student’s results, a description of each area assessed, accommodations required, recommendations and strategies for the classroom teacher and parent.