C.H.A.S.E Years 7-8 – $230

Conquering Homework And Surviving Exams is a 5 week program, run over 1 hour a week, for 5 weeks. This program is aimed at students in year 7 and 8. In groups of no more than 5, students will learn to focus on skills designed to improve their studying techniques and exam performance. C.H.A.S.E aims to increase the student’s planning ability, effective reading, note taking, exam techniques and time management skills.


Essay Writing Years 9-12 – $230

Essay Writing workshops are run periodically throughout the year. They are suitable for most High School students from years 9 to 12.
Past results demonstrate that students who enrol have greater success and improved essay writing ability, which crosses over all high school subject disciplines. Students work through tasks, examples and assignments during this course, giving them confidence to tackle school required essays by themselves. Questions and problems that students may have are answered or resolved immediately, reducing stress and anxiety and allowing them to focus positively on their work.

What can students expect from the program?

» Sustained practice and review of key concepts and understandings

» A highly encouraging and supportive learning environment using cooperative learning techniques

» All bookwork marked and feedback given

» Celebration and acknowledgement of achievement and improvement

» Access to tutor for discussion and feedback

» Tutors are available for personal and phone consultation for support, advice, discussion of individual learning needs and advice on supporting your child as a unique individual


Study Skills Years 9-11 – $230

Study Skills is a program designed to help students plan, organise and structure their study time effectively. These are practical sessions where students will learn the various strategies and techniques that effective students employ. Each session has built-in time to work on their own study skills timetable while considering the various impacts that can and will happen.

Areas that are covered in this program are:

  • Time management skills
  • Summarising
  • Active learning skills
  • Note-taking
  • Designing a study session plan
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Evaluating your progress