Our most frequently asked questions, answered.

How is tuition different from classroom instruction?

At Canberra Learning Development Centre your child may be operating in a very different learning environment to the one they experience at school.  The small group tuition environment is energetic and challenging but not anxiety producing.  There are jokes and laughter and an enthusiastic response to student success.  We answer each question and encourage our students to ask questions.  We make our students feel good about their learning and their capacity to learn.  We don’t blame them when they don’t ‘get it.’  We make sure they do ‘get it.’  Tuition sessions are highly productive. A lot gets done.

How much attention does my child get in a group session?

Considerably more one-on-one individual attention than they would get at school.  One to one explanations, demonstrations combined with marking, correction and individual teaching during the session, mean your child gets personalised attention. More importantly, your child is questioned.  Students are asked to clarify, demonstrate, explain and share their understandings.  Students can avoid questions in class but not in a small group.  They quickly get used to the expectation that they are expected to think and attempt.  There is never a negative consequence for asking questions or not understanding.  In fact, we encourage our students to question.  We take their questions as an indication of engagement.

Are your tutors qualified and trained?

Our tutors are people who have been selected for their positive personalities and passion for helping students. Teachers in charge of each group have appropriate qualifications. Further, we have trained them in our own unique tutoring methods to make sure they cover the most important parts of each subject in the most effective way. All staff have been cleared to work with children through the Working With Vulnerable People check.