At Canberra Learning and Development Centre our approach is to use direct, explicit instruction. Multi-sensory learning plays a significant role in teaching struggling readers, in all areas of reading, spelling, writing and mathematics, for the novice or struggling student. Technology is used to support learning and engage kids in fun activities that have been suggested by leaders in their field. We use Symphony Mathematics and Lexia Learning, Word and Numbershark and other Apps.

For older learners, where appropriate, we use a strong approach based on questioning and discovery learning. For other learners, especially where there is dyslexia or any executive functioning issues present, we concentrate on process. Teaching students how to tackle all types of writing projects for class assignments or essays using graphic organisers (templates) to provide scaffolding for ease of constructing their writing tasks.

Persistent encouragement and expectation of learning, combined with programs precisely targeted at individual needs of students, produce optimal conditions for success. For the technically minded, this is a metacognitive approach, which encourages the learner to think about thinking. In other words, be actively engaged in thinking and evaluating their own learning and how it can be transferred to other areas or disciplines.

Our highly experienced and engaging approach to learning helps students develop self-confidence and an “I can do it” attitude. Students become self-motivated and as we all know, success breeds success. By developing powerful concentration and using the best study techniques available, they learn more in less time. The boost in self-confidence developed by academic success often leads our students to become more happily involved in life at school, at home and in the community.