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Dyslexia Screening

Screening for Dyslexia can be done at the Centre. The screening looks for certain markers often present in Dyslexia. Phonological testing, reading and comprehension assessments are carried out to determine the extent of the problem and if a full Dyslexia test is required. A report is prepared for schools if required.

Specialist Teaching

This is NOT just another tutoring service. Specialist teaching is DIFFERENT.

Dyslexic children and those with Specific Learning Difficulties learn differently to other individuals. They require individually tailored programs that are sequenced correctly and multisensory. Often students have compensated for weaknesses and masked their difficulties which means they have poor foundations from which they are working and rely on guessing to find the answer.

Tutoring sessions aim to teach word attack skills and strategies to build a stronger foundation. Success is achieved through being exposed to a metacognitive teaching strategy and the most up-to-date resources available that are multisensory and support the working memory.

The Way Tutoring Is Organised

The approach we use is multisensory. The term multisensory refers to the strategy of involving and linking the student’s eye, ear and hand to bolster learning.

Group sessions have no more than 3 students and all work on their own individual programs and are taught by a specialist teacher. Homework is given each week to facilitate, review and practice reading fluency and comprehension. Private sessions are tailored to the individual who wishes one-on-one time or greater flexibility within the structured time frame.

Our aim is to make each student feel comfortable, experience success, gain knowledge and practice through a multisensory phonics approach.