Individual tutoring or 1:1 tutoring $99.00 – 1 hour sessions

Individual sessions are conducted 1:1 and on a weekly basis. These sessions are individually tailored to meet the student’s current needs. If a student has a diagnosis, that report is used to help inform the type and structure of the intervention. In an individual session we have the flexibility to cover a number of areas of need and at the individual pace of the student. All programs use a direct and explicit instruction method, this incorporates using a multi sensory approach.


Primary Mathematics – $55 – 1 hour sessions

Primary mathematics students are assessed in their initial session to determine what skills are needed and the areas of the curriculum that need reinforcing. Ensuring that each student has a strong foundation in basic maths skills of number, fractions, decimals and percentages (especially in the upper years). All students have access to an online program that can be used at home for extra practice. This program can be monitored by the tutor to see if extra help is required. Our program is not just for struggling maths students but also for those who need extra work to maintain their grades or those who need to be extended.


High School Mathematics – $55 – Years 7–10 – 1 hour sessions

In grades 7-8 ensuring that correct conceptual understanding in critical areas such as time tables, basic maths facts, fractions, decimals, percentages and a strong grasp of numbers is ensured before moving onto topic areas consistent with their grade.

Grade topics are covered with students expected to complete enough work to develop automaticity with the topics that underpin and are necessary for further learning in mathematics..


High School Mathematics – $65 for a 1 hour session – Years 11-12

Sessions are tailored to cover all topics in these grades with an experienced maths teacher. Work is designed around the student’s needs with access to multiple past papers and resources to ensure a full understanding of each topic is reached.


Early Reading – $55.00 for a 1 hour sessions Ages 7-10

The intervention program RAVE-O is a multi sensory learning program based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. Unlike other programs RAVE-O exposes the student to every aspect of language creating connection to the brain to enhance student’s ability to decode, read fluently, comprehend and analyse text. This includes word attack skills, vocabulary, comprehension, morphology and reading fluency. The program is developed around a fun town allowing the student to explore interesting characters, while learning! These groups are limited to 3 students.


High School English sessions are typically 1:1 hour sessions- $99.00

These individual sessions focus on 2 areas; teaching the student the writing process, which includes the mechanics of writing: spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. The other is to help the student understand their assignments and plan their essay. In these sessions if the student wishes to focus on their spelling and just sentence structure, these foundational skills can also be addressed.